Thursday, April 17, 2008

If Only I Had the Bandwidth... and the Budget

Of course, everyone would like a bigger budget... and bigger bandwidth is also a benefit for an online service. Right now, we're updating live from the Muscatine City Council meeting, giving information on our Muscatine News website about the current happenings of the meeting. What I would really love to do would be to provide live video of the meetings - which would, of course, be many times better than the versions shown on television. If only I had the bandwidth.

I'd also wanted to upload several dozen more pictures I have of Muscatine. These would give visitors and others more of an opportunity to see Muscatine up close and in-depth... if only I had the bandwidth.

I would also love to do restaurant reviews throughout Muscatine - and get more articles for our readers. Unfortunately paying for fast food is expensive, and I can't eat it all by myself. It would also be nice to review the service and products of several other local businesses. If only I had the bandwidth.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sheriff Debate for Muscatine County

Muscazine has arranged for a debate for the contenders fighting for their party's nomination for Sheriff in Muscatine. We have reserved the City Hall in Muscatine at 6pm Wednesday 4/16/08 for the Muscatine Sheriff Debate. You can find special, exclusive coverage of the candidate's answers online at our website, and possibly even video could be found online. Each of the candidates have been invited, and most have said they will be attending. The debate will be featured on government/public access as well.

Feel free to submit your questions for the candidates directly to us on our contact form on our website. You can also get more information that way, or by simply attending the debate.

Upcoming Muscazine Stories

Your Muscatine News source, Muscazine, has been working diligently on some new stories and more newsworthy information. Some of our current news projects talk about:
The Muscatine Mall
The Pearl Plaza
Excessive Pawn Shops in Town
Various Local Stores
Youth Entertainment Lacking
Muscatine High School Events

We're also working on some cool community features, such as free classifieds, but those are yet to be finished. I'd like to first, however, call on you to send your story suggestions directly to our muscatine news website.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some News At Muscazine

We have finally added a little more news to the Muscatine News website. We have covered the 2008 Science Fair, and the lower interest rates found at local financial institutions. Although the key is that we need news submissions. You can contact us with any news tips, comments, opinion articles, and much more. We are very up to date when reading our email, and we try to ensure that we take all opinions into consideration. Our favorite things are the fact that we are not afraid to publish stories with an actual opinion - but we'll try to label them as such (we want to offer fair, balanced news as well).

Also, we are working on some community features, such as an event schedule, coupon giving, special events, and much more. Our current primary focus, however, is on something else. We are working on some unique features, such as the ability to send emails whenever we get new news. We are also working on a special text-messaging alert system, allowing our readers to get the absolutely most up to date information! We've already got the ability to let people signup and get subscriptions - it's actually done, we just want to spend a few weeks working out any possible bugs in the software.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New System Online

Finally, after extensive work, we now have version 0.6 of our Muscatine News system online. Lots of new features are in the works, and will be added as we perfect them. We have finished the primary features of our online news delivery system. We are currently able to upload news stories, and update them with breaking developments. Several different news channels are included and we have lots of expandability.

We are currently working on the ability to add pictures to our news stories, and are coming close to finishing this system. It will be part of our bigger gallery system, allowing us to easily upload multiple pictures for every news stories, including thumbnails and much more. We also already have our rating system finished.

Soon enough, we'll have the comments system setup for the news stories. Then we will work on a news search system, and the ability to get news and text message alerts. Enjoy all the Muscatine News.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Muscazine Features New System

Our online Muscatine News website is undergoing remodeling with our website design. We are very happy about this opportunity, because new features will be a breeze to implement. The ratings system is nearly complete, we just have to integrate it into the system. Adding new articles to the Muscatine News area will be worked on as soon as we can. The opinion, editorials, and journal sections are still in progress, unfortunately, but we are working on them as often as we can. Free time is hard to come by. Soon enough we'll be your top source for news stories in Muscatine.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Features Online

The only amazing source for online news related to Muscatine now has more new features online. The great Muscatine Muscazine now has the ability to display pictures with the articles!

What's that mean? That means people get to see what they're reading about! We also have the ability to put up very large, high-definition pictures in the cases that we have them (we are NOT worried about bandwidth or disk space ^_^). Right now, though, we can only have one picture per article... but that won't bother us until we get some of the other planned features done.

One of the best features we are planning is the ability to send out daily, weekly, or monthly news updates to all our readers. This is going to be one of our premier features - so we better get to work.