Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some News At Muscazine

We have finally added a little more news to the Muscatine News website. We have covered the 2008 Science Fair, and the lower interest rates found at local financial institutions. Although the key is that we need news submissions. You can contact us with any news tips, comments, opinion articles, and much more. We are very up to date when reading our email, and we try to ensure that we take all opinions into consideration. Our favorite things are the fact that we are not afraid to publish stories with an actual opinion - but we'll try to label them as such (we want to offer fair, balanced news as well).

Also, we are working on some community features, such as an event schedule, coupon giving, special events, and much more. Our current primary focus, however, is on something else. We are working on some unique features, such as the ability to send emails whenever we get new news. We are also working on a special text-messaging alert system, allowing our readers to get the absolutely most up to date information! We've already got the ability to let people signup and get subscriptions - it's actually done, we just want to spend a few weeks working out any possible bugs in the software.

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