Sunday, February 10, 2008

New System Online

Finally, after extensive work, we now have version 0.6 of our Muscatine News system online. Lots of new features are in the works, and will be added as we perfect them. We have finished the primary features of our online news delivery system. We are currently able to upload news stories, and update them with breaking developments. Several different news channels are included and we have lots of expandability.

We are currently working on the ability to add pictures to our news stories, and are coming close to finishing this system. It will be part of our bigger gallery system, allowing us to easily upload multiple pictures for every news stories, including thumbnails and much more. We also already have our rating system finished.

Soon enough, we'll have the comments system setup for the news stories. Then we will work on a news search system, and the ability to get news and text message alerts. Enjoy all the Muscatine News.

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