Thursday, April 17, 2008

If Only I Had the Bandwidth... and the Budget

Of course, everyone would like a bigger budget... and bigger bandwidth is also a benefit for an online service. Right now, we're updating live from the Muscatine City Council meeting, giving information on our Muscatine News website about the current happenings of the meeting. What I would really love to do would be to provide live video of the meetings - which would, of course, be many times better than the versions shown on television. If only I had the bandwidth.

I'd also wanted to upload several dozen more pictures I have of Muscatine. These would give visitors and others more of an opportunity to see Muscatine up close and in-depth... if only I had the bandwidth.

I would also love to do restaurant reviews throughout Muscatine - and get more articles for our readers. Unfortunately paying for fast food is expensive, and I can't eat it all by myself. It would also be nice to review the service and products of several other local businesses. If only I had the bandwidth.

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